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Birst Best Practices - Yosemite Analytics White Paper

This document is intended for existing or potential customers of Birst and Yosemite Analytics, as well as existing or potential partners of Birst or Yosemite Analytics. Please enter your name, email address, company name, and any message you would like to add. You will receive a response shortly.

This document defines Yosemite Analytics’ Best Practices for developing BI applications using Birst.  It is not a substitute for Birst training.  Rather, it assumes the reader is familiar with Birst and provides additional insights, tips, standards and rules for managing a Birst implementation. 


As you will see, the best practices described here are based on and have been battle-tested using actual Birst implementations.  This document is recommended for all development personnel supporting Yosemite Analytics and is, in fact, recommended for all Birst customers. This Best Practices guide contains the following sections:

1.  Solution Strategy 

2.  Data Model Design

3.  Source Data Extraction

4.  Data Model Implementation

5.  Dashboard and Report Design

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