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What Makes Us Different

We don't have quotas to meet for any particular BI & Analytics products.

This means we report to you, not to the VP of Sales of any software vendor.

This gives us the freedom to recommend the right solution for you.

              "If the only tool you have is a hammer, everything looks like a nail."

Our experts know how to choose and use the right tools to fit your needs and your budget.


Yosemite Analytics was formed by people who have been developing analytic business applications for Business Intelligence (BI), Enterprise Performance Management (EPM), and Data Warehousing (DW) for 20 years. We have conducted 100+ implementations spanning most industries:




Consumer & Industrial Products



Equipment Sales & Rentals


Health Care







Service Industries



What is the result of this experience? We have identified specific shortcomings in the most commonly practiced approaches to BI application development. Most development is either exclusively requirements-based (customer use cases) or data-centric (data warehousing). Neither of these approaches is sufficient by themselves, or even in combination. Yosemite has a better approach.


For more information, see Expert Guides.

Bob Abernethy
Steve McGill
BI Solution Architect

Bob Abernethy brings with him over 25 years of IT and enterprise software industry experience with organizations including Cornell University, The Los Angeles Times, Nissan, Oracle, and Siebel Systems.


Before Yosemite Analytics, Bob served as SVP & GM of Strategy Companion, a well-known BI & Analytics software company.


Bob earned a Bachelor of Science degree from Cornell University and a Master of Management Information Systems degree from West Coast University.


He is also author of the book "Love Your Audience: How to Conquer the Fear of Public Speaking”


Bob has "Made It To The Top" of Half Dome in Yosemite National Park five times. On three of those occasions, he provided aid to hikers in dire need of assistance. See "Expert Guides."

Steve McGill has been building business intelligence and enterprise performance management applications for 20 years.


He is Advanced Birst Certified, has led multiple successful Birst implementations, and has mentored other developers.



Steve has prior related experience in the U.S. Intelligence Community and as well as some unrelated but interesting experience as a U.S. Navy pilot.



Steve earned a Bachelor of Science degree from Cooper Union in Manhattan, New York and a Master of Science degree in Applied Mathematics from the Courant Institute at New York University.


Dylan Kaufman
Principal Architect
Technical Advisor

Dylan Kaufman is the principal architect of Darwin Consulting Group, a business intelligence / data warehousing consultancy.  He serves as principal architect and technical adviser for Yosemite Analytics, having worked for Birst in Professional Services for 7 years and as a consultant to various clients for 3 more.  He is an expert in most areas of Birst, especially data modeling, data delivery, and performance tuning.  He provides services related to the Birst platform, including: 

- implementation of data models, ETL, reports & dashboards

- performance tuning of data loads & front-end query

- mentoring of Birst admins & power users

- Birst/BI project architecture, strategy & road map

- Birst/BI process automation design

- most Birst platform use & management

- general BI planning & architecture

Dylan is also an accomplished photographer. See below for examples of photos he has taken at Yosemite National Park. 

Michael Stokes
BI Consultant

Michael Stokes has joined with Yesomite Analytics to bring his 6 years of Birst experience and 20+ yrs of business software implementation experience.

From day one, "Bringing Business back into BI" was the mantra by which he has approached every project whilst at Birst services. Michael has been leading the charge in bringing the business use case and business story telling that leverages the leading technology found in Birst.

Before Birst, Michael started with 18 yrs of accounting and system consulting with Ernst & Young and 10 years implementing legal CRM systems into the some of the largest law firms  in the world.


In his spare time , other than being coach , driver, catcher, and mentor to his family, Michael enjoys getting out into the real world. Highlights were hiking to Mt Everest base camp followed by hitting 6,475m Mera Peak, with views of  Mount Everest, Lhotse, Cho Oyu, Makalu, and Kangchenjunga - all 8000m+ high peaks.

Donald Farmer
Advisory Board Member 

Donald Farmer is an internationally respected innovator and thinker in the areas of analytics and data management. He is the Principal of TreeHive Strategy, a strategy consulting firm based in Seattle.  


Most recently, Donald worked at Qlik Technologies, first as Vice President of Product Management, then as Vice President of Innovation and Design.


Prior to his time at Qlik, Donald spent almost 10 years at Microsoft leading teams designing and developing cutting-edge Business Intelligence products.


Donald is an advisor to globally diverse government agencies and investment funds on data and innovation strategy. He also advises several startups worldwide.  

With over 30 years of global experience in data management, analytics, and product design, Donald brings knowledge, experience, and connections to Yosemite Analytics as a member of our Advisory Board.

Bryan Parker
BI Consultant

Bryan Parker is an advanced and well-known Birst solution architect and developer, and a popular speaker at Birst conferences.

Bryan has over 20 years of data warehousing, database development, and application development experience, including more than three years working with Birst which he selected as the analytics engine for the Dealer Performance Management System offered by Surge Analytics.


Bryan spent more than 15 years gaining a deep knowledge of the many facets of dealership operations while working for Cummins Engine Corp. where he built a comprehensive Custom Reporting & Analytics solution which is still in use today. 

In 2014 Bryan co-founded Surge Analytics and built the Dealer Performance Management System (DPMS) based on his deep and intricate knowledge of all aspects of dealership operations and management  - across all departments.



 The strange things we do for fun. Bob at the top of Half Dome in Yosemite National Park.

Dylan's Yosemite Photographs

Dylan Kaufman is also an accomplished photographer who has enjoyed Yosemite National Park for many years, capturing its beauty throughout the seasons. Here are some samples of Dylan's work. You can see more in Dylan's Yosemite Collection on Flickr.  

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